Stria is a service designed for
makers to develop and display
their digital persona on the web.

Our expertise in media production affords collaboration with other makers to effectively tell their story.

Traditionally, makers may not have an authentic digital presence; web stores focus solely on product retail or cookie cutter labels. The people, craft, and history of the makers is lost - Stria sees these as cornerstones that should be emphasized. Stria campaigns increase exposure to a global audience while still retaining their central values and ideals.

We design micro media campaigns which delve into each craft from the perspective of the makers. These campaigns are made up videos, and interactive tools that develop a digital personas. Stria then drives the media onto the web - leveraged it through existing web platforms (such as Vimeo, Kickstarter, etc) and the Stria website.


To offer a raw perspective of makers through their stories by showcasing the beauty of what they do to a broad audience of viewers.


To offer a service that encourages makers and craftsmen to display their work online as authentically as they can, retaining the aesthetic feel of their local workshops, but opening their business to a global audience -in turn creating awareness for the Maker Movement.

The makers we work with are defined by the care and effort they put into creating their products. This craftsmanship is defined by the passion they dedicate to honing their expertise and developing the skill. The byproduct is a transparency of process and quality embedded within the final product.

Makers used to be central to most small communities, the cobbler down the street, the foundrymen who made all the horseshoes and metal tools. Craftsmanship was founded on person-to-person relationships, skill and pride in one's craft, and buyers respect.

Today, meeting makers in person is a sought after, but often limited opportunities. The stories they tell, and markings made on each piece are central to their products, their identity, and how they can still touch their audience.

Makers (n.) : people and companies whose central ideals focus on People, Products, and Stories.

People : Community, Relationships, Knowing the Locals Products : Craftsmanship, Passion, Skill & Transparency Stories : Their founding history, Authenticity, Innovation

people. products. stories

Stria sees itself as the connecting fibers. We connect makers to new people who then discover, enjoy & share what they find.

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